Your source for everything sound and music. Hooz Audio offers sound production services for all aspects of film and music production. Got a shoot coming up? We can record your dialogue on location. Need sound mixing? We can do it in 5.1 surround sound. Need music to enhance your story? We score films.

If concerns over music or sound are a burden to making your project become a reality, leave it to us. Tom Hauser, owner and operator, has been doing sound and music since 2002. Tom constantly works with filmmakers and performance artists to give voice to their art.

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Latest News

Tom on Triad Arts!

Tom sat down for an interview with Triad Arts' producer David Ford to discuss his work editing the music for In Saturn's Rings and composing the music for the documentary Brewconomy.  Take a listen!


In Saturn's Rings website:

Brewconomy's website:

"Reverie" live on Vimeo!

This past spring Tom collaborated with director Alex Thompson as sound designer for Reverie, a fantasy short in which a boy's dreams come to life!    Reverie is now live on Vimeo.  Check it out here:

Alex and Tom worked together at UNCSA on Death and the Robot in 2013.  Death and the Robot is also publically viewable on Vimeo here and has over 30,000 views.

Cake Walks, Saturns Rings, AES!!!

Last month I alluded to a jingle project that I was really excited about.  Well, now it's safe to reveal that I wrote a song for the Cakewalk celebrating the new Cakery in the Lowes Foods on Robinhood Road!  Everyone at the store loved the Mary Poppins-inspired song, and they were entranced by the wonderful voice of Vera Boston, a mezzo-soprano local to the Triad. Here is the track: