Loving the Sound Devices 664, truly 12 channels

I first purchased the Sound Devices 664 for my work on Harvest with Cageny Gentry. I love having 6 mic preamps available for boom, lavs, plant mics, and environmental sounds. The 664 puts multitrack recording and mixing in one unit with plenty of outputs for cameras or communications. An innovative feature that Sound Devices added to the 664 is that one can take the direct outputs for inputs 1-6, and change them to line level inputs for an addition set of 6 tracks, channels 7-12. With the release of firmware version 2.0, this feature became available without needing the CL-6 input controller. I've used the 664 for 12 channel recording of concerts with my Line Audio Design 8MP preamp, patching from the 8MP with TA3 to XLR female cables. As time went on I realized that my Lectrosonic wireless channels will output line level, meaning that one could patch 6 channels of wireless at line level to inputs 7-12, and still have channels 1-6 available for wireless or wired mics. 12 channels of recording in one sound bag, now that's impressive!