Cake Walks, Saturns Rings, AES!!!

Last month I alluded to a jingle project that I was really excited about.  Well, now it's safe to reveal that I wrote a song for the Cakewalk celebrating the new Cakery in the Lowes Foods on Robinhood Road!  Everyone at the store loved the Mary Poppins-inspired song, and they were entranced by the wonderful voice of Vera Boston, a mezzo-soprano local to the Triad. Here is the track:
I'm also excited to tell you that I will be presenting an engineering brief on October 10th at the 137th International Audio Engineering Society Convention in Los Angeles.  My presentation is titled "Film Production Sound in Secondary Markets—The Value of Networking."
Last but most certainly not least, I'm currently editing and premixing the music for "In Saturn's Rings," a film directed and produced by Stephen Van Vureen,  This IMAX movie, composed of images from the Casini space probe orbiting Saturn, features Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings, performed by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra.  A preview video and some amazing images are available at  
In the meantime, if you need sound recorded, a project mixed, a score composed, or just want to have some tea, hit me up!  Replies to sound and music questions are always free :)
Noteworthy projects August-September 2014:
“Lowes Foods Cakewalk” event produced by Wildfire Ideas: composer
IBM product update shoot: production sound mixer
ISDN voice over with Philly Post: recording engineer
High Point Regional Hospital spot with TG Reality: production sound mixer
“Puppy Love” independent film: production sound mixer
“Sons of the Wicked” independent film: sound mixer

“In Saturn's Rings” independent IMAX movie: music editor

"Selfless": Focus Features film staring Ryan Reynolds and Victor Garber.  Credit: ISDN ADR Engineer