Hiresmusicandsound.com- a new HD music and sound effects store


Hey yall, my music store is live.  I'm continuing to refine it, but its core functionality is there.   I've been having fun tweaking it today!  Once I've got it looking good and gotten some more artists up, I plan to upgrade to get rid of the Wix advertising.....

This all started because I wanted to sell my own music and the music of any artist I recorded in high quality, and there was no way to do it. 

If you have music you want me to sell for you, I'm asking for no money upfront and 15% commission on sales.   I'm looking for friends to be my first artists, as yall will be my guinea pigs for all the back end business aspects of running a music store.  I've not quite come up with streaming lining payments, as no one has bought anything yet!  For now I'll be writing checks and using snail mail each month. 

So, if this interests you, I'll need 24 bit masters, your price for each album, a small description for the album for me to cut and paste onto the page, and cover art.

If you have your own personal page, I'm happy to send you embed codes for you to embed on your site too. 

Cheers, Tom